Commissioned work

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This was my grandmother, circa 1935 photographed by Steenmeijer, Groningen.
I was asked to digitize and restore the photo and to make new photo prints.

Proef de Natuur Kaart (Taste the nature map)

Proef de Natuur Kaart is a (free) city nature and food map of The Hague. In a team of creative people from The Hague we created this map, accompanied by a travelling photo exhibition. All photography was created by me.

Pluk Den Haag!

The Hague has more than 1300 monumental trees

Bosbaas (edible wild plants tours)

Haagse Stadswijngaard (The Hague city vineyard)

Haagse Honing (The Hague Honey)

Urban Farmers

Proef de Natuur Kaart: photo exhibition on tour

Location: Lunchroom de Overkant.

Location: Instock, The Hague.

Sjaak Magazine

Struinen in de Nutstuin, poster design