Proef de Natuur kaart

UrbanFarmers, stadslandbouw.

Monumentale bomen, 1300 levende monumenten.

Lekkernassûh, lokaal en biologisch groentepakket.

Haagse Honing, imker in eigen achtertuin.

Haagse Stadswijngaard, word zelf stadswijngaardenier.

Bosbaas, eetbare planten en paddenstoelen.

Pluk! Spelen, plukken, aaien, wandelen en proeven.

The team that produced the map:
Concept: Arn van der Pluim.
Photography: Rick Hekman.
Editors: Laura van Uitert, Floor Korte.
Design: Jonathan Looman (Since Today).

You can get this map for free at:

  • VVV Den Haag
  • Nutshuis
  • Bar & Zo
  • Café Blossom
  • Emma’s Hof
  • Tuincentrum Hofwijck
  • Buurtuin Kortenbos
  • Lunchroom Aan de Overkant
  • Uit Je Eigen Stad, Rotterdam
  • Spinozahof
  • Pluk!

  • Exhibitions:

    Lunchroom Aan de Overkant.
    Stationsweg 32
    2515 BN The Hague
    Runtime: 1 January – 3 April 2018

    Struinen in de Nutstuin, poster

    ‘Nutshuis Den Haag’ organized a green event in their garden and asked me to photograph and design the poster for them.
    This event was part of the open garden weekend festival ‘Struinen in Haagse tuinen’. It took place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June, 2017.
    With my plant cuttings swap event ‘Stekjesruil‘ I was participating at the festival and therefore I am also part of the poster.


    With much excitement, last year ushered in a fresh collaboration with graphic design company dailymilk which involved taking photos of the working environment and its employees. The project was commissioned by Klaas-Jan Bernouw -the creative director- on the premise of depicting the office in an original state. I was allowed full creative control.
    Daily Milk 03Daily Milk 02Daily Milk 04Daily Milk 05

    To visit the new dailymilk website, click here.

    Corporate identity photography CCE

    About CCE: ‘The Centre for Consultation and Expertise (CCE) occupies a unique position within the Dutch national healthcare system. The CCE is a supplementary service to standard healthcare services.’
    Click here to visit the CCE website and watch and read the magazines (written in Dutch).

    In co-operation with design company dailymilk we provide the CCE corporate identity.
    Click here to visit the dailymilk website.

    Vandebron for KesselsKramer

    Commissioned by KesselsKramer I made portraits for Vandebron: The best energy comes directly from the source.
    Vandebron is a new Dutch marketplace for clean energy who connect users directly with a local energy source (farmers and business owners) and cut out the need for a middleman in the form of large energy corporations.

    _MG_7486_MG_7129Jaap and Feikje. Wind energy source.

    _MG_7710_MG_7660Gerard and Monique. Wind energy source.

    _MG_8511_MG_8460Peter and Tejon. Solar energy source.

    vandebron_MG_9101Peter van Roij. Residual heat from Houtindustrie Schijndel (timber industry), energy source.

    _MG_9280Roeivereeniging Willem III (rowing union). Energy consumer (at Peter van Roij).

    The heart grows fonder

    The heart grows fonder - Rick Hekman 02
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    ZINE I made during FORMAT International Photography Festival 2015 at the Miniclick Photography Talks event.
    Click here for there website.

    New photobook: 7 Hoog

    Embroidery, tea towels, a mysterious box, nail polish and an excavator. These are all elements from photos I made from people, and situations that occurred at the same location in public spaces. The composition of these photos is forming my new photobook: 7 Hoog.

    Saturday 3rd of May 15:00 I will present 7 Hoog at Rijswijkseplein 441 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Everybody is welcome.
    Please contact me if you want more information about this booklaunch.

    The book will come in an edition of 200 and costs €19,95.
    Of this there will be 10 available as a special edition. The special edition costs €125,-.

    For those who can’t wait for the book launch can pre-order 7 Hoog on my website.
    Click here for direct access and watch a preview.

    This publication is made possible by:
    Stroom Den Haag.
    Het Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving.

    Rick Hekman - 7 Hoog 01

    F Book Show in Tokyo

    The F Book Show in Tokyo begins today March 26th at TOKYO INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY (T.I.P/72Gallery).
    There my ‘Smile!’ photobook will be shown by photobookshow :

    For my website someone from Japan translated some text in ‘casual’ Japanese.
    Thank you stranger!

    And with the help of excellent programmer and friend from netbuffer, I created my first PHP form so you can easily order books online.
    Daniel Karso ありがとう !

    Portraits for Rijkswaterstaat

    For the Amsterdam Boat show 2014 I photographed four people whose work is related to recreational boating. Commisioned by Rijkswaterstaat.
    01 - Appie van Veen_MG_7714 Albert, lock-keeper at Zwolle.
    02 - Joris Brouwers_MG_7499Joris, stakeholder who was involved in the sustainability of the lights in the defense navy at Den Helder.03 - Arnaud Brouwer_MG_7370Arnaud, owner of shipyard Stenhuis at Aalsmeer.04 - Albert Dekker_MG_8104Albert, teamleader verkeerspost at Nijmegen. Involved in the recreation trench of the Waal at Nijmegen.

    Undercover: Dutch photography experience

    From New York to Saint PetersburgMy photo book ‘Rick 28 jaar vrijgezel’ travelled from New York to Saint Petersburg.
    Photo credits: Natasha Nefedyeva(NY photo) & Katya Iushkevich (SPB photo).


    It will be displayed from november 29th 2013 till january 13th 2014 at the ‘Undercover’ exhibition during ‘Dutch Photography Experience project’ in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

    Video about the exhibition: