Vandebron for KesselsKramer

Commissioned by KesselsKramer I made portraits for Vandebron: The best energy comes directly from the source.
Vandebron is a new Dutch marketplace for clean energy who connect users directly with a local energy source (farmers and business owners) and cut out the need for a middleman in the form of large energy corporations.

_MG_7486_MG_7129Jaap and Feikje. Wind energy source.

_MG_7710_MG_7660Gerard and Monique. Wind energy source.

_MG_8511_MG_8460Peter and Tejon. Solar energy source.

vandebron_MG_9101Peter van Roij. Residual heat from Houtindustrie Schijndel (timber industry), energy source.

_MG_9280Roeivereeniging Willem III (rowing union). Energy consumer (at Peter van Roij).

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